Earthway Parenting provides a safe space for ALL parents no matter where you are on your unique parenting journey.

Hello and WELCOME! My name is Nikki Smith, I’m a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse. I created this community to give you the knowledge and information needed to begin your unique parenting journey.

I specialise in early infancy, breastfeeding, toddler behavior, mother care as well as parent support. I believe an essential foundation in better understanding your baby and/or toddler is in developing conscious awareness around who you are as parents as well as a greater understanding of your baby and/or toddler’s developmental and emotional needs.

I will help you get to know and understand yourselves as you become parents as well as enhance your greater knowledge when it comes to your baby and/or toddler so that you can get back to enjoying your parenting journey and all that it has to offer.

Earthway Parenting is an open and mindful community to come together to learn, and empower yourself with knowledge and education so that you can have the courage to embrace the winds of change within your parenting journey.

I believe that ‘knowledge is power,’ and to nourish your soul with information through partaking in workshops as well as personal one on one mentoring that I have developed with you and your unique family in mind, means to feel at ease again.

Are you currently feeling or thinking thoughts such as;

  • “I would love more knowledge on the period AFTER I give birth, what to expect, how to set up healthy foundations of attachment, maybe even ways in which I can help my partner feel more empowered in bonding with our new baby and what to expect as a new parent too?”
  • “I would love more education whilst I’m on my breastfeeding journey, such as milk supply, breastfeeding position education, or maybe how to increase my supply?”
  • Perhaps you’re pregnant and would like to feel knowledgeable as well as know what to expect with breastfeeding once your little one is Earth-side?
  • Are you amidst the chaos of toddler-hood and thinking “this will pass, I’ll just wait it out and see what happens…”
  • “I literally can’t keep going like this, I would love some gentle parenting tools and guidance into my sons emotional needs and development so I can better support him through this?”
  • You might even be thinking something along the lines of, “My relationship is suffering, I’m exhausted, I need more support but I don’t know how to even begin this discussion that needs to happen…”

Becoming a parent is the only job in the World where we do not receive any training, there is no guidebook and the ‘guide’ that we have is more than likely the internet!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the internet and you’ve no doubt found me here, BUT there is so much noise out there!

What parents need is wholistic education prior to giving birth so that breastfeeding, babywearing & information on hormonal changes can be conveyed prior to bringing their new baby home.

Parents with toddlers need to feel confident in their parenting style and know that the gentle parenting tools they are given are research and evidence based.

There is no need to feel the avalanche of overwhelm.

When we work together you will leave feeling empowered & confident, knowing too that you have tackled these sensitive topics with a Qualified Practitioner.

Welcome to Earthway Parenting, welcome to discovering conscious and gentle parenting.

If you have ANY questions please get in touch.

To book in for your FREE 15 minute discovery call please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you & connecting with you soon!

Love & Light, Nikki x

The Beyond Birth Online Program


Earthway Parenting’s Beyond Birth online program is based on the successful workshops developed and facilitated by Nikki Smith, Mama of three daughters, Registered Nurse and a Qualified Maternal Child and Family Nurse.

The Beyond Birth online program was developed with your fourth trimester in mind.  I truly believe that as a new parent if you are educated and informed on what to expect when you bring your new baby home it will make for an easier transition, with far less overwhelm and much more time to enjoy your post partum.

The online workshop has been developed to be a supportive, non judgemental space, providing you with evidence based research and realistic tools to help create a magical journey into parenting.

This is exactly what every pregnant family needs to know!

I understand how valuable your time is which is why the Beyond Birth online program was developed so that you and your partner can delve into the program at your own pace whilst in the comfort of your own home!

 My intention both as a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and a Mama of three, is to inform as well as empower parents on their new parenting journey.

When you go home with your new baby I want you to feel supported and confident with the peace of mind and knowing that you are educated and aware of what to expect when you step into this very new and at times, overwhelming threshold of becoming parents.

I made sure to also develop the online program with things that I had wished I’d known before our first daughter arrived!

Click here and go to the Earthway Parenting Education site.

“A whole new world of wonder, amazement & a deep, profound love that you never knew existed is opened up before your very eyes…’

Much Love and Light, Nikki Smith.