Earthway Parenting provides a safe place for parents to be.  Nikki Smith is a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse. Nikki has created a distinctive space to begin your own unique journey as parents. Earthway Parenting is a space to come together and embrace the winds of change, to nourish your soul with education through partaking in workshops that have been developed with you in mind.  Perhaps you are pregnant and would like more knowledge on the period AFTER birth?  Or are you amidst the chaos of toddler-hood and would love some gentle parenting tools? Delving into further knowledge as a parent will create a newfound wisdom within.  Welcome to Earthway Parenting, welcome to discovering conscious and intuitive parenting.

Post Partum Care Workshop


Earthway Parentings online workshop is based on the successful, parent led group workshops developed and facilitated by Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse. These workshops have helped to not only prepare new parents but also to assist them on their own unique journeys as parents. This is exactly what every pregnant mama needs to know! Download the eCourse now while you are expecting and do it again once your little one arrives! Nikki’s intention is to inform as well as empower parents to trust their own innate instincts, to support parents in feeling confident in their own unique parenting journey, & to educate parents on Post Partum care & why it’s an essential part of your conscious parenting journey.  This eCourse is filled with things that Nikki had wished she’d known before her first daughter arrived!

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“It is not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel & heartless world. It is our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel & heartless.” LR Knost