Attachment Parenting, Earthway Parenting, Toddlers

Attachment Parenting Includes Fathers!

Yes a preference for infants and children are us, their mamas BUT I wanted to talk about how indispensable our partners are.

Lets go back to ‘Attachment Parenting’ this is a style of parenting that has been happening since the dawn of time.

‘A commonsense approach to parenting that we would all do if left to our own healthy resources.’ As quoted by Dr William Sears.

The important points to take away about attachment parenting is that it is about connecting with your baby or your child. It is about instinct, an intuitive knowing in what they NEED from you, their parent. .

Back to partners! As mums we can really feel drained… A lack of energy and genuinely feeling all ‘touched out’ by our little ones (I know I can!).

This is where our partners come in, they can create that beautiful supportive environment that allows you a little space (to shower or toilet in peace!).  It’s our partners ‘job’ to nurture US so we can have the energy to nurture our little ones again. In fact, by doing so they are bonding and connecting with their little ones too.

So much bonding research is focused on mother-infant/child bonding, in recent years fathers/partners have been showing engrossment in their little ones lives too.

They also have a vital, beautiful and supportive role which isn’t spoken about enough!

Fathers/partners have their own unique way of relating to their infant/child, this too is essential for the loving care of your little ones AND your family.