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We all have them.

Do your expectations as an adult meet up with your expectations that YOU have for your baby? Your child?

Expectations as an adult tend to go a little like this… To be loved.  To be respected.  To be acknowledged and also nurtured.

Why then do we feel that our baby or older children would not also have these same expectations?

I ask this because I feel that some of us are still on the same ‘old school’ page of Crying It Out (CIO).  With our little people we may feel even that punishment is more sufficient instead of teaching.  Perhaps we have an expectation that our children should ‘respect our authority’ then we will return the favour and in turn ‘respect them!’

I know that this might jostle a few feathers and I am ok with that, because if it does, then I am SO pleased that you are here.  I am so excited that you are using the new year as an opportunity to take stock, take action and create change within your home, after all this is where the magic really happens..

Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping, Earthway Parenting, Post Partum

Sleepless nights & Sleep deprivation

Human infants are the mist dependent of all creatures and for the longest amount of time. We would not have survived as a species if cave mothers had out their offspring in another part of the cave at night or left them for long periods of time during the day. WE may have the means to separate ourselves from out young, but biologically, we weren’t meant to and it still upsets the baby and the mother – Alice Bolster