Nikki Smith

My Story

I landed into motherhood with a thud. I say landed loosely because it was more of a feeling of falling & falling HARD…

After the traumatic delivery of my first daughter and once home discovering that she would sleep no longer then two hours both day and night, we later found out that she had been misdiagnosed with lactase intolerance and unfortunately had a severe case of esophageal reflux, we had tried everything! Crying it out (as suggested to me by the ‘well meaning’ midwife) leaving her in her cot for timed intervals than responding minutes later, I tried long walks and 3am car trips, only to pull into the driveway an hour later and her eyes would Spring open, wide awake!

Long and heated discussions with well meaning family members, isolation, little contact with friends and family and a husband working two hours away, I was clearly a time bomb of emotions about to go off.