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Discipline is not a dirty word.

Gentle Discipline

Discipline – one word that makes most gentle parents cringe. Discipline is not a dirty word. In fact the very definition of discipline in the old English language referred to a branch of knowledge and in Latin “Disciplina” means to teach.

‘Children need confident adults in their lives, parents who, when it comes to teaching the basic rules & values in their lives are willing to be persistent.  Parents who understand that by establishing & enforcing clear limits rather then being “mean” provide children with a sense of security.’  Mary Sherry Kurcinka,Ed.D ‘Raising your spirited child.’

Researchers tell us that a harsh, rigid approach will increase behaviour problems, which may lead to aggression.

If a situation arises where you need to stop your child, don’t yell across the room, go to them. Kneel down at their level & connect with them. Try putting your hand on their arm as you’re talking to them this will let them know that you’re physically there with them as well. Tell them what you want them to do, in a firm voice not harsh or loud, make your voice clear and firm in your tone. Make sure you voice your expectation clearly (is your expectation in your child’s best interest?) and let them know that you will help them meet that expectation. By remaining calm and confident in your approach you are teaching your child your expectations gently.

In disciplining gently you are not being permissive, you are simply guiding your children and teaching them boundaries with gentleness.

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