Tuning into your Toddler- helping you understand your toddlers tantrums! An Online Program

Raising your toddler consciously and gently can seem like an uphill climb, but raising your child in a conscious way is how you can teach them about respectful communication, emotion regulation and empathy for self and others.

Are you amidst the chaos of toddler-hood and thinking to yourself regularly, “this too shall pass…. But when!!”

Would you love gentle parenting tools to help you feel self-empowered and supported throughout this season?

Becoming a parent is the only job in the world where you will not receive a manual or any training!

Yes, there’s the internet, and hey you’ve probably found me here!

But in reality, there is SO much noise out there and to be honest, do you even know if what you are trolling through is research and evidence-based by someone qualified to move you through your parenting journey gently and with support?

Hello! I am Nikki Smith the founder of Earthway Parenting and the developer of the Tuning into your Toddler online program, I am a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse, not only do I have the professional expertise to share with you, but I also have the personal experience being a mama to three beautiful daughters!

There is no need to feel the avalanche of overwhelm anymore, within this uniquely developed online program I will provide you with the perfect mix of gentle and conscious parenting tools, and education with an evidence-based approach as well as a safe space to come to with tried and true practices to bring about awareness and healing within your parenting journey.

We all want our children to thrive and we ourselves want to be happy and come back to that place of joy that we’ve felt many times within our parenting journey, let’s get real here though, there are times that we feel scared, lonely and at the depths of despair, ‘how on Earth can I possibly do this for one more day!’

  • You may have thoughts such as; “I literally can’t keep going like this, I would love some gentle parenting tools and guidance into my sons’ emotional needs and development so I can better support him through this?”
  • You might be thinking something along the lines of, “My relationship is suffering, I’m exhausted, I need more support but I don’t know how to even begin this discussion that needs to happen with my partner so that we can get on the same page…”

Life with children isn’t always rainbows, lollipops and upright sandcastles!

I want you to know though, you are not alone on this journey.

What parents need is holistic and supportive education shared in a non-judgmental way.  Parents with toddlers need to feel confident in their parenting style and know that the gentle parenting tools that they are given are research and evidence-based, in the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program you will be provided with the perfect mix of gentle parenting tools and education, it is a supportive, safe space for you to come to and learn uniquely developed tools for you and your family as you journey into a gentle and conscious parenting lifestyle for your family!

The online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program is

  • A safe space where you will be given tools and up to date research based education to handle upcoming stages of emotional development as well as a much broader understanding of your child’s developing brain.
  • Will have you feeling better prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for your conscious parenting journey into toddler-hood.
  • Where parents will gain knowledge and confidence in their own unique parenting style, as well as learn about their own child’s personal temperament.
  • A space where you will gain tools for healing past childhood wounds. Unresolved wounds in the form of triggers and challenges can come up during our parenting journey, this can affect ourselves and our children. This workshop is an opportunity and a safe space to embark on healing these past aspects of self.
  • Where we will refine gentle parenting tools, we will get creative with gentle discipline as well as delve into healthy boundaries, and how to put them into place within your home and life.
  • Also a space where we will discuss toddler tantrums and how to better deal with them ‘in the moment,’ as well as dive into the proven gentle discipline techniques, and tools that will help you parent your toddler respectfully.

What’s included

The Tuning into your Toddler online program outline

  • The online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program has been run in four week clocks BUT during the time of COVID you will receive the weekly modules in your email inbox weekly as soon as payment has been made! The mode of delivery is in FOUR comprehensively written and beautifully designed eBooks, that you can download or have printed out.
  • Along with the modules within the eBook you will also receive a workbook correlating to the information given. This workbook will support as well as help you process and take action on all of the learning materials given within the eBook.

Remember, we are ALL on our own unique parenting journey BUT we are doing it together!

NB ** For those participating in the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ program you will automatically receive lifetime access to the materials that are emailed to you upon registration and payment, please note that ALL materials are copyrighted therefore you cannot share them with others.

Up and Coming Online ‘Tuning into your Toddler- helping you to understand your toddlers tantrums’ program information

COST: OnCE OFF PAYment of $50 during the covid crisis

The schedule for the online ‘Tuning into your Toddler- helping you to understand your toddlers tantrums’ program will run as:

Week one

  • Ages and stages from two years to five.
  • Brain development and theory from two years to five
  • Parenting styles and your child’s unique temperament
  • Parenting on the same page

Week two

  • Tuning into your toddlers’ emotions, what is emotional intelligence?
  • Owning your reactions and responding instead
  • Sifting through your childhood; Are your wounds triggering your reaction to your child’s behaviour?

Week three

  • Understanding your toddler
  • Tantrums and gentle discipline? Gentle discipline tools
  • Empathetic parenting
  • Practical alternatives to smacking
  • Consciously parenting your older toddler

Week four

  • Reclaiming your joy in parenting
  • Parenting mindfully
  • Practising self-compassion and the need for self-care
  • Guilt! We all feel it.
  • Working together to parent consciously
  • Journaling and prompts to start writing
  • A relaxation script

Enrolments are open NOW

Up and Coming Online ‘Tuning into your Toddler- helping you to understand your toddlers tantrums’ program information

COST: OnCE OFF payment of $50 during the covid crisis 

Meet Nikki Smith

I am a mother to three beautiful daughters with a vision and passion for conscious and gentle parenting, specialising in the early years of childhood.

I am both a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and have been within the Nursing profession going on eleven years.

Having parented our daughters from a gentle and attachment parenting approach for the past ten years I know first-hand the many challenges but also joy that you can and will feel in any fleeting moment.

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Up and Coming Online ‘Tuning into your Toddler- helping you to understand your toddlers tantrums’ program information

COST: OnCE OFF PAYMENT Of $50 during the covid crisis