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Everything has an ending….

this too shall pass

Our littlest love has been unwell on and off for the past couple of weeks.

Trying, exhausting, relentless nights.
Breastfeeding like a newborn baby.
Up and down all night, soothing and cuddling, feeding and loving.

No matter the age of your baby they NEED you.
They need your breasts (or a bottle) for food and comfort.
They need your arms to soothe them and to find comfort, love and solace in.
They need your attention and your presence.
They need your grace and humility, your calm and your kindness.

“There is great truth to the idea that it takes more than bringing a child into the world to be a parent. It is in the moments of sacrifice, the placing of another’s needs before our own, the daily learning and evolving, the growth that only comes through time and experience and, yes even failure, that a person becomes a parent.’   As quoted by the beautiful @lrknost (In her book-Whispers through time)


We as parents need to embrace this newfound path. Because when you’re in the thick of it, the sleeplessness of it all, this is the moment that we indeed find ourselves..

We find a strength we never knew we had, a depth of love that we didn’t even need to dig deep for because it’s just ‘there.’

We find peace & solace within our souls.
And we find patience; a never ending well of it…

Because we innately know that our baby NEEDS us…

We also KNOW that this too shall pass…

Everything has an ending & these long nights will end,of that I can promise you x


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