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Infancy can be challenging

infant care

Imagine for a moment that aliens have abducted you and you are entirely dependent on two of these strangers in a strange world with a strange language. You are completely dependent on them for all of your needs, hunger, thirst, and comfort.

Then imagine that you are in pain, you are terribly thirsty or just in need of some emotional support, but those two strangers are ignoring your cries, ignoring your distress.

You feel completely helpless & all alone.
No one deserves to be ignored; children & babies are no different.

Infancy can be challenging, babies are simply too young, and inexperienced to ‘handle’ their own causes for crying whatever that may be. It is up to you as the parents, to take responsibility in meeting your baby’s needs, their need for nurturing, security and love.

It is not the baby’s responsibility to meet their parents need for peace and solitude.

*Excerpt from my “Infant Care & Connection” eBook