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My Story

After the traumatic delivery of my first daughter and once home discovering that she would sleep no longer then two hours both day and night, she was misdiagnosed and unfortunately had a severe case of reflux we had tried everything! Crying it out, leaving her in her cot for timed intervals then responding minutes later, I tried long walks and 3am car trips, only to pull into the driveway an hour later and her eyes would Spring open, wide awake!

Long and heated discussions with well meaning family members, isolation, little contact with friends and family and a husband working two hours away was clearly a time bomb of emotions about to go off.

Instead though I was robotic, I was quite the opposite of myself, unemotional and deliriously unhappy. My husband lost his job and we had to move in with my parents. Obviously this was not β€˜in my plan!’

On my birthday my husband forgot to buy me a card. This was the beginning of my breakdown. But ultimately the beginning of me as a mother. An attachment parenting view came to mind, completely unintentionally and without even knowing what that was. I started to trust myself as a mum and I began to listen to my intuition.

We as parents decided to live conciously and make decisions based on what felt right for us. Our eldest daughter was in fact our greatest teacher.

This leads me to here, Earthway Parenting. I needed to share myself with others, I needed to create space for parents to feel and share without judgement, to parent or learn how to parent from their heart space and to live and think conciously about how they want to be as parents, ultimately as human beings.

My intentions are simple. Lifting the veil on parenting peacefully, connection and human consciousness. By cultivating a relationship with ourselves, peace can then start to happen at home. This then spreads itself throughout the little people that were raising. By parenting conciously and from our heart space, gentle discipline, attachment parenting and being rid of negative speak will come easily.

So journey with me, let’s create change within our home together so that peace and love is ultimately what is brought forth. Let’s create some kind of magic.

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