Are you seeking sleep but can’t bear to hear your wee one’s cry in order to “train” them to sleep or self settle?  Are you seeking a gentler way with support and encouragement? Someone to talk to because you are you feeling dis-empowered as a parent? Perhaps as a couple?

Do you have burning issues and questions that are taking up your head and heart space?  Are you wondering if you have enough milk, or why your baby seems unsettled?  Do you seek guidance and clarity on a particular matter?

It is OK to ask for help, to seek guidance and to gain the clarity that you need. My name is Nikki Smith, I am a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse, I offer advice on gentle infant settling, infant massage and connection, support with your own self care and how you can create rituals, gratitude lists, vision boards for your families goals as well as supportive ideas to encourage self care for each other and your relationship.   I also offer baby wearing demonstrations and the education surrounding safe baby wearing.

In regards to infant sleep and settling, I do NOT condone crying it out in order to help an infant “learn” to sleep or self settle.  I will help you create a plan for changes that are gentle, intuitive and done with love, not fear and/or isolation.

I will work with you to seek a solution based on your unique families needs as well as your babies developmental and emotional needs.

If necessary I will refer your family to appropriate resources and referrals, to help you achieve the goals that you need as a family.  We will foster a team and parent-led approach, I will help you to gain confidence as a mum or parent, and to enjoy this incredible, life transforming time. You will feel more bonded, calmer, as well as gain new skills in trusting your own innate intuitiveness as a mum or parent.  So let’s journey together to create the harmonious, conscious home that you wish to create.

Consultations are via skype at a time that suits both parties.  I do also offer ‘At home’ consults if you require.

Nikki is a Registered Nurse and a Qualified Child and Family Nurse, she has facilitated  Workshops on the Gold Coast on Post Partum Care and is currently residing on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  Nikki is now offering one on one parenting consultations, for individuals and couples.

  • Consultations start from $120 per hour via skype
  • If you would like a Private in home consult, these consultations are $180 per hour

Nikki is passionate about the education surrounding intuitive and conscious parenting, therefore it is her intention, as a parenting consultant, that these consultations are mostly parent led.

Let’s lead from an open heart space and create a magical journey into parenthood.

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