Infant Care & Connection Guide Book

The Beyond Birth Workshop is now an online program accessible for all parent’s around the Globe!

However, if you would prefer to read rather then ‘do or watch,’ the Infant Care & Connection guide book has ALL of the topics that are covered within the online program, so you can still get a grasp of the knowledge and guidance for your own unique post partum.

Post partum care is EVERYTHING after birth. It is skin to skin, it is allowing your new baby the space to latch onto your breast in its own time, it is establishing a breastfeeding relationship, it is learning to wrap your baby, settle your baby and lotssss of nappy changes!

It is exhaustion, and feeling sore, it is empowerment and inner strength, it is healing and a new beginning…

Most importantly it is CONNECTING it is a newfound CONSCIOUSNESS, it is INTUITION.

The Infant Care & Connection guide book covers:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Connection and Communication with your newborn
  • Attachment to your Infant
  • Safe Co Sleeping
  • Post Partum Care
  • Practical tools for mindful parenting with a new baby
  • Self Care
  • How to build a daily gratitude list
  • And practical, fun Journaling prompts and exercises

A Beautiful fourth trimester comes from awareness and often realistic preparation, together!!

My intention as a Maternal Child and Family nurse as well as a Mama of three young daughters, is to gather up the most up to date evidence based research, combine it with a much needed holistic approach and support you on your new parenting journey, so that you can feel informed, empowered and knowledgeable as you step into motherhood with grace and ease.

Order your copy of the Infant Care & Connection eBook for only $9.95

What people are saying;

“I have purchased 2 of Nikki’s ebooks and as an expecting mum I’m feeling so much more at ease with becoming a parent. Nikki shares her own journey as well as providing practical tips which just resinate so much for me. Thank you Nikki for pouring your heart and soul into what you do , its helped me and my hubby sooo much.”

Klara Jones

“Hi everyone! My name is Linda, and as of per today I’m 16 weeks pregnant!! As you can imagine my partner and I are over the moon but slightly anxious at the same time. I received the Earthway Parenting “Infant care and connection” workbook from Nikki and it has eased my mind completely. There is a lot of helpful information about how to connect and communicate with your baby, how to safely co-sleep, how to breastfeed properly, and what is expected from me as a new mum. The section about mindful parenting really touched me, I know that that is something what I would like to achieve with my child. It explains the importance of becoming less attached to the outcome and more mindful of what is unfolding in yours and your children’s lives.  A beautifully written workbook, straight from the heart, supported by good references.”

Linda de Vreugd

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