Beyond Birth Workshops

Are you pregnant?

Do you want to feel educated, informed and empowered when you bring your new baby home?

This unique antenatal workshop prepares you and your partner for the PERIOD AFTER BIRTH, when you take your newborn baby home.

This time, as special and wonderful as it can be, can also be quite daunting and stressful.  The more prepared you are, the better you and your partner will cope whilst also staying connected.

Why not consider the bigger picture – the life long journey of parenthood is still ahead of you.

Whilst most other antenatal classes typically center around birth & the preparation for it and are very much women focused, Nikki recognises that birth is but a single milestone moment within an ongoing evolvement and transformation into a new journey, parenthood.  Nikki focuses on you both as partners on this new & unique journey.  Because once your baby has arrived, the real work begins and there is so little free time to learn ALL of the things!

This is where Nikki can help.

  • Are you interested in attachment parenting, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and safe co-sleeping?
  • Not sure if you have all of the key information that you need?
  • Do you want to feel supported and knowledgeable as you step into your new life as parents?

Throughout the Beyond Birth Workshop series, we will focus on postpartum care for yourself as a new mama as well as each other as new parents, we will delve into infant connection and care of your new baby whilst also parenting from a conscious parenting perspective.

You will learn about how to lean into conscious and gentle parenting, together.

Welcome!  I am Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse, I am passionate about supporting families on their new parenting journey!

If you are reading this, than you have come to the right place because all of the evidence based research is already done for you!

I have developed the Beyond Birth Workshop using evidence based research, holistic and gentle parenting tools with a heart centered approach, as well as my own personal experience of being a mama of three beautiful daughters.

This is exactly what every expecting family needs to know!

Throughout this unique antenatal workshop you will leave feeling better connected as expectant parents and empowered with relevant, practical, and authentic information as well as much insight into bringing your new baby home, you will begin your new parenting journey with much ease and grace.

This workshop is your opportunity to:

  • Feel better prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for your new baby.
  • Learn how to consciously care for your newborn as well as yourself as a new parents within those crucial early months.
  • Reinforce your partner relationship & gain vital tools in how to better parent consciously together.
  • Practical advice and gentle parenting tools to help you gain confidence as new parents to face the many changes and challenges that your new & unique parenting journey will bring.

We will lay down the essential foundations, and I will teach you invaluable skills that you as new parents will be building upon the moment your new baby is born.

What to expect at the 'Beyond Birth' workshop?

This workshop is for you if you are a family wanting to know more about-

  • Attachment parenting and what it is?
  • Conscious parenting and getting on the same path on your new parenting journey, together!!
  • The 'Fourth Trimester' & adjusting after taking your new baby home.
  • Baby-wearing (think slings, carriers and the many ways to use them!) I'll also show you how to wrap your baby safely as well as discuss gentle sleep and settling routines for an easier transition from the initial three month post partum period.
  • Education surrounding safe co-sleeping.
  • We will also discuss the baby blues, post partum depression and all of the many hormonal changes within your body during the post partum period.  I will share tools and guidance to settle easily into your new life as parents.
  • An educational workshop on breastfeeding postpartum.
  • Infant massage demonstration and information on what it is.
  • Self-care, mindfulness, gratitude lists (It's all about you and why it's important to place importance on you in amongst the newness of it all as parents).
  • Planning for practical changes to your lifestyle as individuals as well as partners on your new parenting journey.

What is Included in the Beyond Birth workshop?

  • Education and information providing you with conscious and gentle parenting tools, as well as my my personal support and guidance to help you gain the confidence needed for your unique period beyond birth well into your fourth trimester.
  • I will be providing you both with education and tools that are invaluable once your new baby arrives.
  • A hard copy of the Infant care & connection guidebook.
  • Printed PDF handouts correlating to each of the numerous modules discussed.
  • A light lunch.

At the end of the Beyond Birth Workshop series, you will have gained many tools to create an optimal environment for your new baby and family to thrive not just feel like you're 'surviving!'

In essence, the Beyond Birth Workshop will leave you feeling well equipped, more relaxed and less anxious in the lead up to your new baby's birth.

These newly learned skills that you will develop during our time together will leave you with a sense of awareness and connection with your newborn baby as soon as they are Earth-side.  You will have developed a sense of empowerment as parents and also as a couple.

The Beyond Birth Workshop will strengthen your connection together as parents and cultivate a sense of self amongst the newborn haze!

Prices and packages are as follows:

  • Are you on the Central Coast of NSW?

Grab a bunch of expecting girlfriends and let's 'do lunch!'

Nikki can come to you to facilitate a group workshop within your home!

Workshops for a minimum of three people, running over a six hour period - $280 per person requiring a $50 non refundable deposit upon registration.             

  •  **Weekly payment plans are available, contact Nikki at to discuss!!
  • Private & Tailored Workshops facilitated within the privacy of your own home- $380 per couple or per person requiring a $50 deposit upon registration.                                                                                     **Weekly payment plans are available, contact Nikki at to discuss!!


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