Tuning into your Toddler Workshop

Do you find yourself thinking;

“This too shall pass.. I will just wait the meltdowns out a little longer…”

“I want to set up a conscious and gentle parenting care plan so that we can lay out the much needed foundations for our toddler.”

“I am feeling SO triggered lately and I really don’t know why?”

As parents, you will be given the tools to cultivate a favourable environment for your children to thrive. This uniquely developed workshop will provide you with the perfect mix of gentle parenting techniques & an evidence based approach with proven methods. Through conscious & intuitive parenting these essential foundations are laid down for you as parents to learn and grow so that you & your children can build upon it further.

Welcome!  I am Nikki Smith, a Registered Nurse and a Maternal Child and Family Nurse.  I am passionate about supporting families on their unique parenting journey!

I am so pleased that you are here, you have come to the right place because the good new is, all of the evidence based research into gentle and conscious parenting  your toddler has been done for you!

I have developed the ‘Tuning into your Toddler’ workshop using evidence based research, and proven methods as well as holistic tools with a heart centered approach.

I also incorporate my own personal experience of being a mama of three beautiful but VERY different daughters into the workshop too.

I feel it’s important to create a community approach based on being authentic, after all, we are ALL imperfect people doing the best that we can with the knowledge that we have, BUT we can also, always learn more.

This workshop is your opportunity to:

  • Feel better prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for your conscious parenting journey into toddler-hood.
  • Learn how to consciously & gently raise your toddler with tools to parent with as partners together whilst journeying with your tumultuous toddler.
  • Reinforce your partner relationship & gain vital tools in how to better parent consciously together.
  • Gain tools for healing past childhood wounds.  Unresolved pain in the form of triggers and challenges can come up during our parenting journey, this can affect ourselves and our children. This workshop is an opportunity and a safe space to embark on healing these aspects of self.
  • Practical advice and gentle parenting tools to help you gain confidence as parents to face the many changes and challenges that your new & unique parenting journey will bring you with a toddler in tow.

As parents, you will also be given tools to handle the upcoming stages of emotional development as well as a much broader understanding of your child’s developing brain.

Parents will strengthen their intuition & gain confidence in their own unique parenting style.

Together we will refine tools with a conscious and gentle parenting approach, we will get creative with gentle discipline as well as healthy boundaries.

This beautifully developed workshop will ultimately help you as your child’s parents, to form those majestic & essential connections with your toddler.

Every child deserves respect, empathy & loving understanding.

The 'Tuning into your Toddler' workshop will help you to embody your personal journey as parents, as you gather up a vast amount of varied tools and develop a newfound confidence with a conscious, and intuitive approach.

  • Do you feel like you blinked and your 'baby' is now a feisty, playful, intense 'toddler?' 
  • Do you feel like you're disconnected from this next stage? 
  • Unsure of the next developmental stage and where to go from here? 
  • Are you interested in positive parenting and parenting with respect?
  • Do you seek clarity and gentle tools to support you when you are being triggered by your toddler?

At the 'Tuning into your Toddler' workshop, we discuss healthy boundaries for your toddler, tantrums and how to better deal with them 'in the moment,' proven gentle discipline techniques, and tools to help you parent your toddler respectfully.

We will talk about emotional intelligence and connection, as well as self-compassion and mindfulness techniques for you both as parents but also techniques to teach your little ones.

What to expect at the Tuning into your Toddler workshop?

This workshop is for you if you are a family wanting to know more about:

  • 'Ages and Stages' from two years old to four.
  • Emotional Intelligence and how to connect with your toddler by showing them empathy and respectful listening.
  • Owning YOUR reactions and why it is an essential and respectful way to communicate with your toddler.
  • Tantrums and how to better help your toddlers through their BIG feelings.
  • Reparenting yourself so that you can heal from your childhood wounds.
  • Triggers from your toddler and how you can manage them gently and consciously.
  • Gentle discipline.
  • Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness.

What is included:

  • Guidance, and my personal support to help you gain the confidence needed for your unique parenting journey.  This workshop will provide you both with education and tools that are invaluable as you embark upon your next transition.
  • A hard copy of the 'Tuning into your Toddler' eBook/workbook.
  • Printed handouts correlating to each varied module that is discussed.
  • Light lunch provided.

At the end of this unique series, you will have gained tools to cultivate an optimal environment for your growing family to thrive instead of feeling like you're just 'surviving!'

The 'Tuning into your Toddler' workshop focuses on your unique family and will help to strengthen the connection that you already share, as well as create a more conscious and gentle approach to being parents to a rambunctious ever evolving toddler!

This workshop is intended and developed for you and your family as you embark upon your own unique parenting journey.

Prices and packages are as follows:

  • Are you on the Central Coast of NSW?

Gather your girlfriends and 'let's do lunch!'

Nikki can come to you to facilitate a group workshop within your home!

  • Group workshops for a minimum of three people, workshop runs over a six hour period - $280 per person, requiring a $50 non refundable deposit upon confirmation.             

** Weekly payment plans are available!! Please get in touch with Nikki to discuss at nikki@earthwayparenting.com.au

  • Private & Tailored workshops facilitated in the privacy of your own home- $380 per couple or per person, requiring a $50 non refundable deposit upon confirmation.                                                                                       

 ** Weekly payment plans are available!! Please get in touch with Nikki to discuss at nikki@earthwayparenting.com.au

In facilitating a conscious parenting approach you are already setting the foundations for a simplistic, joyful, loving and connected journey together as a family.

I can't wait to meet you!

Expression of Interest?

If you are interested in the 'Tuning into Your Toddler Workshop'. Please send me a message from the form below. I am thrilled to be offering this unique workshop to the beautiful families here on the Central Coast and surrounds-

I look forward to hearing from you!