Tuning in to Your Toddler Workshops Coming Soon!

Parents will be given the tools to create a favourable environment for your children to thrive. Through conscious & intuitive parenting these essential foundations are laid down for the parents & children to build upon.

As parents you will be given tools to handle upcoming stages of development with a broader understanding of your child’s developing brain. Parents will strengthen their intuition & gain confidence in their own unique parenting style. Together we will facilitate a conscious parenting approach to creative & gentle discipline & healthy boundaries.  This will ultimately help you as your child’s parents, to form those majestic & essential connections with your toddler.

Every child deserves respect, empathy & loving understand.

My intention is to gather the most up to date research, holistic tools & a heart centred approach. This will help you to embody your own unique parenting journey, with a conscious, intuitive approach.

What to expect

  • Discussion surrounding emotional development & your child’s developing brain
  • Gentle Discipline
  • Present Parenting & Mindfulness

And Much more….

In facilitating a conscious parenting approach you are already setting the foundations for a simplistic, joyful, loving and connected journey together as a family.


Dates and location for the “Tuning in to your toddler” workshops to come 

Expression of Interest?

If you are interested in the ‘Tuning in to Your Toddler Workshops’. Please send me a message from the form below. This is also a fantastic opportunity to let me know if there are any topics that you would like covered! I would love to hear from you!

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