Tuning into your Toddler eBook

Tunning into your Toddler eBook

The “Tuning into your Toddler eBook” is packed full of information all about YOUR toddler!

We discuss their brain development, emotional intelligence and ways to connect, gentle discipline and why it’s ‘not a dirty word!’ Positive speak, self compassion, mindfulness and SO much more.

The Tuning into your Toddler eBook covers:

  • Brain Development, Emotional Intelligence and Connection
  • Ages and stages/play
  • Let’s tune into you! / Empathy
  • Gentle Discipline
  • Owning your Reactions
  • Practicing self-compassion and mindfulness as a parent

And Much More….

My intention as a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and mama to three beautiful young daughters, is to gather the most up to date research, combined with holistic tools & heart centered personal accounts!

I wrote this eBook with the intention of helping you to embody your parenting journey with a conscious, gentle approach to natural parenting.

My hope is that you will again see the joy in the hardships of parenting toddlers and to give you many and varied  tools to reconnect with your little one.

I have also developed an interactive workshop Tuning into your Toddler Workshop which I facilitate on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

This workshop will be ONLINE in 2019!!  To be the FIRST to know about it please subscribe to my website here (when the box pops up!) for all of the latest updates here at Earthway Parenting!!

To order your copy of the Tuning into your Toddler eBook for only $9.95

What people are saying;

“The perfect resource at the perfect time! I read Tuning into Your Toddler before my 14-month-old was officially even a toddler, at a time when work deadlines, my long-distance family and life in general were causing me to lose connection with my mama vibe, and magical little girl. A loving and gentle reminder to trust your instincts, find peace in the chaos and relish the slowest moments. Now, I have another baby on the way I’ll be signing up to the Postpartum Care digital Workshop this time around.”

Amy Molloy (Hay House Author and Editor of the Collective Magazine)

“Nikki Smith is one of my favourite peaceful parenting resources.  She offers prenatal workshops to help you off on the right track and parenting classes to support you on your journey.”

LR Knost Author and Editor of the Holistic Parenting Magazine

“Nikki is the real deal – down to earth, genuine, approachable and so knowledgeable about conscious and connected parenting. She walks the talk, but doesn’t pretend to be perfect. I have enjoyed all of our interactions and correspondence, and value her advice.”

Beth Johnson

“Nikki, you’re such a beautiful writer. So full of heart and wisdom. Thank you for for your honest account of what parenting can be like. We here at Baby Berry Collective look forward to your feature articles and hang off every word you write! We love your tips and ideas for how to ensure we’re the best parents we can be. A truly gorgeous person inside and out. Thank you for all that you do!”

Lucy Green (Founder of the Baby Berry Collective)

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