Carla Versitano

Nikki Smith of Earthway Parenting is an absolute blessing to have walk with you both in pregnancy and after birth. Nikki has all the credentials and skills of a medical-based background which pairs beautifully with a truly nurturing, heart-centred approach to birth and parenting. It’s a rare combination and one that is holistic, practical and well-rounded.

The support and wisdom Nikki has offered both my husband and myself throughout our journey has been truly invaluable. I have called on her expertise and reassurance on many occasions and each time I have been met with complete presence, wisdom, care and clarity.

Nikki Smith is not only a bountiful resource of knowledge on all things birth and baby, but she’s also down-to-earth and grounded in the very real experiences of parenthood. She’s tough and brave and has been through many challenges herself. This means that all of her practical skills accompany a strong sense of empathy and kindness in her approach to working with you.

I am so glad I had Nikki to guide me through these wild waters of parenthood. She steered me to clearer, kinder waters again and again and for that I’m eternally grateful. If you’re looking for support that offers both experience, wisdom and a heart-centred approach then please get in touch with Nikki at Earthway Parenting