Attachment Parenting, what is it?

“Attachment Parenting” what it is?

Attachment parenting for us has always been about parenting from our heart space. What feels right?

By responding to our babies with an open heart, in being present, listening and connecting, we are already forming trust within our relationship with them and we are forming strong, unconditional bonds as a family.

Attachment parenting for myself and my husband has always been about creating a trusting relationship with our children.

I personally believe that this can be developed by following your intuition; Intuition comes from connection and connection with ourselves, our own feelings.

Connection with self and how we feel is the essential ingredient for the beginning of an intuitive parenting relationship.

The flood of natural hormones that are generated at and post birth, these are the hormones for connection- this is designed to help both parents to more easily attune to their new baby. Hang onto that feeling of already ‘knowing,’ it will serve you well in the days after birth and beyond.

Attachment Parenting has always been about ‘what feels right,’ it is about leading with your heart, and responding to your babies and children openly and without judgement.

Be present, listen and connect.

Attachment parenting is an evolving relationship with trust.

Trust your babies.  Trust yourselves.