Earthway Parenting, ‘Your Unique Post Partum’ Interview Series

Your Unique Post Partum’ Blog Series, Episode TWELVE


The intention behind this series is to shine a light on some beautiful, inspiring and connected mamas and what Post Partum looked, or looks like for them.

I feel very passionately about this vital period in a new mamas life so I wanted to shed an honest and authentic light on it by asking a few beautiful mamas to shed the light and sometimes the dark side, on this vulnerable and transformational period in their life

Meet Kahlee, a gorgeous mama with a 10 week old baby boy.  Living a beautifully simplistic life in the tranquil seaside town of Ballina. Absolutely spoilt having her talk to us about her own ‘Unique Post Partum.’


Name and Age: Kahlee, 24

Children/Infants name and age: Leo currently 10 weeks

Relationship to self or another: Engaged

How has becoming a parent changed you?

Becoming a parent has taught me so much, I’ve learnt to appreciate every moment I have and every day with Leo, family and friends. I found myself at the start wishing for time to go quicker so it gets easier but I regret all of those thoughts and now more then ever I want time to slow down.

Before I had Leo I thought it would be so easy and I had a plan of how I wanted everything to be but I’ve come to realise that no baby has a manual and it doesn’t always go to how you plan and that’s okay.

I am starting to relax more when things don’t go to plan and just being happy and grateful for all the blessings around me.

 In those first few weeks Post Partum, what did it look like for you?

We were so lucky to have so many family and friends around us that were so supportive and helpful each day. My mum especially came most days and cooked dinner, cleaned and did shopping for us and having that help was amazing.

I could write a whole book on the amazing people we had around us helping and I’ll be forever grateful and blessed for everyone trying to make it as easy as possible for us. I personally wasn’t finding it so easy at the start and having everyone help so much at the beginning allowed me to slowly find my way much more easier.

How did you feel?

I was feeling so many emotions… overwhelmed, excited, nervous, scared etc. it was hard to maintain all those emotions at once but the main thing I was feeling was so incredibly happy and excited for each day as a new family.

Did you feel pressure from friends, family or society in general as to how you ‘should’ parent your new baby?  If so how did you gently handle that sort of pressure?

I felt a lot of pressure from people and society with the decisions I should be making and choosing the “right or wrong” thing. I felt like I had to justify myself to everyone around me and it was really hard.

Talking to my partner everyday really helped me and he kept reminding me that I’ll know what’s best for myself and Leo and he will support me with whatever choices I make, but in saying that we really spoke about everything and worked together to make the right decisions and we focused less on what everyone else was saying and more on what we wanted for Leo.

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What was the transition into parenting like for both you and your partner within your relationship?

I feel like as a couple we are a lot stronger now, becoming first time parents together we were both as clueless as each other and were both overwhelmed with it all at the start. Pretty much from the end of my pregnancy to now nothing went the way it was supposed to and we were thrown a lot of obstacles and had to make a lot of hard and scary decisions that no one else could make but us two, but we lean on each other a lot and we are constantly communicating with one another about day to day decisions and making sure we are both okay and coping.

We allow one another to have time to ourselves as well as one on one time with Leo and time as a couple. We are constantly laughing with one another and making this hard journey as easy and fun as possible together.

Did you make time for YOU during your Post Partum period?  If so, what was your favourite thing to do to get back to YOU? 

My favourite thing to do is honestly have family time, whether we go down to the park and have dinner and go for a swim or just go for a family walk. Don’t get me wrong I love having time to myself like going shopping or just a drive with the music up loud but I feel like when Leo goes to sleep that’s my alone time to recharge and relax.

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