Earthway Parenting, ‘Your Unique Post Partum’ Interview Series

Your Unique Post Partum Episode FOURTEEN

The intention behind this series is to shine a light on some beautiful, inspiring and connected mamas and what Post Partum looked, or looks like for them.

I feel very passionately about this vital period in a new mamas life so I wanted to shed an honest and authentic light on it by asking a few beautiful mamas to shed the light and sometimes the dark side, on this vulnerable and transformational period in their life.

Meet Maggie, a new mama to a beautiful baby boy, Jagger.  Voice over Artist and Actress and in the midst of creating an inspiring blog for mamas to relate to, the World over! She’s down to Earth, with a great sense of humor!  I am so honored to have her share her very new and ‘Unique Post Partum’ here with you all.


Name and Age: Maggie (The Peninsula Mumma)  28

Children/Infants name and age: Jagger 3 weeks old

Relationship to self or another: Married.

How has becoming a parent changed you?

I think pregnancy made me calmer, I no longer sweated the small stuff, it really grounded me. Since Jagger has been born that’s just continued – I think he has put a lot of things into perspective for me & made me realise what really is important & how to just let go of the little things.

In those first few weeks Post Partum, what did it look like for you?

It’s been amazing. Not to say it hasn’t been easy, the adjustment to the lack of sleep for me has probably been the hardest. I have so much support around me with my family & my husband so that has been incredible. I’m also figuring out what “motherhood” looks like for me – so I take the advice that works for Jagger & myself & we are just both continuously learning!

How did you feel?

At times I felt a little overwhelmed with my new role as mum & having a little soul rely so heavily on me – I have naturally always been a little selfish, I like to do things when I want to – so Jagger has really taught me to be more selfless. That’s a hard lesson to learn but one that I’m so grateful for. Now though, being 3wks in, I feel incredible, albeit a little tired, but just excited for all that’s to come because I now know I can do this.

Did you feel pressure from friends, family or society in general as to how you ‘should’ parent your new baby? If so how did gently handle that sort of pressure?

I’m lucky that the people around me would give me advice but always follow it up with “but you do what works for you” so I never really felt pressured into doing anything a certain way. I’ve always tended to do things my own way so I think that’s just continued into being a parent. Also – I look up to my Mum & Dad so much as people and as parenting role models so I have always thought if I can be half the parents they are, then I’ll be happy – so maybe the only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself.


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What was the transition into parenting like for both you and your partner within your relationship?

Brads incredible. We have a very strong relationship & we communicate extremely well. We hear each other, we listen to each other. I think that’s why our transition (so far) has been really fluid. We both know we need to make time for our relationship so in the weeks to come we are going to go on date nights & leave Jagger with family so we continue to nurture our relationship.

Did you make time for YOU during your Post Partum period? If so, what was your favourite thing to do to get back to YOU?

It’s only been 3wks but I’ve already left Jagger for a few hours at a time with my family so I can go see friends or go to the shops by myself. I’ve loved it. I also cannot wait to get back to the gym & pilates when my body is fully recovered! I knew right from the start that being at home with Jagger & only being focused on him was not right for me. So before he was born we already put in place ways that would allow me to have “me time” & that has worked for us.

If you could go back to your gorgeous pregnant self, what loving, nurturing support would you offer her?

Rest now my love, you’re doing an incredible thing with more to come. Trust in your body – it knows what to do. You’ve got this.

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