Earthway Parenting, ‘Your Unique Post Partum’ Interview Series

Your Unique Post Partum Episode THIRTEEN

The intention behind this series is to shine a light on some beautiful, inspiring and connected mamas and what Post Partum looked, or looks like for them.

I feel very passionately about this vital period in a new mamas life so I wanted to shed an honest and authentic light on it by asking a few beautiful mamas to shed the light and sometimes the dark side, on this vulnerable and transformational period in their life

Meet Bianca a beautiful mama of a sweet baby boy, and boss mum Anouk and Echo, timeless and ethically made clothing for your little ones. Bianca’s Unique Post Partum is a very special one and  I am SO honored that she has shared it with us. It’s raw and honest but beautifully told.


 Name: Bianca 23

Children/Infants name and age: Henley 5 months

Relationship to self or another: Engaged

How has becoming a parent changed you?

It’s given me a different outlook on a lot of things, it’s made me realise there is a lot of negativity in the world but all I can do is teach my son to be compassionate and kind & accepting.

In those first few weeks Post Partum, what did it look like for you?

I had pre eclampsia so was 5 hours away from home for the first week and a half as Henley had to be in NICU, he was 3 weeks early and wouldn’t suck feed. So my first few weeks were spent driving too and from the hospital every 3 hours during the day for feeds and not having him with us at night time.

How did you feel?

I was an emotional mess, my anxiety was in over drive and I was completely exhausted

Did you feel pressure from friends, family or society in general as to how you ‘should’ parent your new baby?  If so how did gently handle that sort of pressure?

Not so much friends and family , but the nurses at the hospital put a lot of pressure on breastfeeding. The fact Henley couldn’t suck feed even through a bottle and was tube fed most of the time, made breastfeeding very hard! The first time I tried to breastfeed was 48 hours after his birth as I didn’t see him until 24 hours later and he was on cpap. He screamed for 30 seconds and fell asleep from exhaustion. The nurses kept telling me to do it different ways, telling me I wasn’t doing it right and when we went to try and bottle feed one even said, “here just give him to me, it will be easier”. They were definitely pressuring me to breastfeed & it wasn’t working for bub or I!
I didn’t handle it all very well, I more so just broke down and cried every time I tried as I felt like a failure! In the end my partner and I made the decision we just need him to suck feed so focused on that and he got it on the bottle over night!

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What was the transition into parenting like for both you and your partner within your relationship?

It was a little bit of a different experience than we expected, particularly because it was a stressful lead up to the birth, a traumatic birth & then Henley still being in hospital without us. It definitely didn’t make the transition easy not being in our home. We adjusted quite well once we got home, but we were both so exhausted.

Did you make time for YOU during your Post Partum period?  If so, what was your favourite thing to do to get back to YOU?

I didn’t have much of a chance to make time for me, in the initial period we were mostly back and forth to the hospital. Once we got home was just a lot of resting really!

If you could go back to your gorgeous pregnant self, what loving, nurturing support would you offer her?

I would tell her to be strong, it’s not going to be easy but you can do it. I’d tell her to not let the thoughts or words of others bring you down & to just enjoy the cuddles instead of worrying about what others are thinking about you.

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