As parents, we all have far too much to do.

Our modern lives are focused around productivity, both at work and in our home, most days I feel a constant need both internally and externally to have “something done” with my day, to be ticking items off my long to-do list.

But what if what we really need, every now and then, is just to do nothing?

To hibernate. To slow down. As the cooler months start to close in around us lets choose to disconnect from the outside world a little more (and more importantly the online world!) and let’s opt for a deeper connection with our loved ones. What would it feel like to entrench ourselves in our emotional and spiritual wellbeing rather than our sole focus being on our physical fitness?

Perhaps we could begin with putting down our phones and actually checking in with each other.

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There is a distinct sense of mindfulness when we are truly in the moment with our children, and our families. ⠀ There will always be plenty of time to move forward personally whether it be within your career or personal life, but how much time is there really for a mindful connection with your children while they’re still young and seeking time spent with you?!

There will be many opportunities as your children grow up for them to explore and get outside of their comfort zones. To fill up your days until your cups our overflowing and to complete your to-do lists with highlighted points and exclamation points!

But equally, there is always a time and a season for hibernation, to really choose to slow down and set your intentions towards soothing your family’s soul with a genuine and mindful connection. To others, it may appear that you’re doing nothing. That you’re wasting your precious time. Saying “no” to catch-up and opting out of endless playdates and activities. In fact, what you are doing is saying “yes” to creating some much-needed space.

As parents we are always putting an imprint of love and connection into our children’s hearts and minds when we consciously choose to slow down, unknowingly we are creating space to talk, to laugh, to play and to just be.

We live in a fast-paced world and life can seem more than a little overwhelming at times!

By the time we are parents, we are already so used to being busy. We tend to be goal-driven, career-minded and all about ‘self’ as we start out on our parenting journey, we have already lost the capacity to deeply relax, we rarely say ‘no.’

When we are able to access that part of ourselves that can ‘switch off,’ we are also teaching our children too that it’s ok to slow down too. That it’s ok to be mindful of quiet time and reconnection. That it’s ok to be bored and do not have to be ‘doing’ things all the time!!

I feel so much that the greatest opportunity of this time in our lives is within our four walls of our own homes. Not only are we in an era of busy being commendable but we are also within a new period of sharing our lives online, albeit beautiful, it can also have us feeling like we’re so significant, with so much to prove and to be, or in fact feel really insignificant due to the same reasons.

We identify so much with what’s on our insta bio or within the squares we share that we can, if not careful, become increasingly overwhelmed in our attempt to keep up. Is it just ‘modern times? Or can we make a conscious decision to begin to start paying a little more attention? I worry that we are giving so much of our own energy both as parents and as humans living in this modern age, that we feel we must be so much more beyond our own homes and families while our children are still so young.

I know that many of us have work to do outside of our homes, but can we use the colder months as an opportunity to say no to the outings and social events and use the time productively to potter around at home with our little ones? To get back to playing, reading together and ‘being’ within each other’s company?

For me, there has always been a real sense of beauty in surrender; in going with the flow and forsaking the need to constantly get yet another thing done on my ‘to do list.’

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I am going to use the cooler months to hibernate, to slow down and nourish my spiritual self, to reconnect with my girls, play board games and colour in, read books and paint our nails. I’m going to create much-needed space for my husband and I to talk over a bottle of wine, watch Netflix and enjoy each other’s company.

As the cooler weather surrounds us give your family permission to find the joy in ‘missing out,’ to restore your family’s inner peace and to create a deeper, enriched and mindful reconnection again.

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