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Are you pregnant?

Do you want to feel educated, informed and empowered when you bring your new baby home?

This unique antenatal workshop prepares you and your partner for the PERIOD AFTER BIRTH when you take your newborn baby home.

This time, as special and wonderful as it can be, can also feel overwhelming and at times stressful.  The more prepared you are, the better you and your partner will cope whilst also staying connected.

Why not consider the bigger picture? The life long journey of parenthood is still ahead of you.

Whilst most other antenatal classes typically centre around birth and the preparation for it and are very much women-focused, I recognise that birth is but a single milestone moment within an ongoing evolvement and transformation into a new journey, parenthood.  I will focus on you both as partners on this new and unique journey.  Because once your baby has arrived, the real work begins and there is so little free time to learn ALL of the things!

Are you interested in attachment parenting, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and safe co-sleeping?

Not sure if you have all of the key information that you need?

Not sure if you have all of the key information that you need?

This is where I can help!

As a Maternal Child and Family Nurse, I have developed the Beyond Birth Workshop using evidence-based research, holistic and gentle parenting tools with a heart centred approach.  I have supported countless families expecting their first child and even second and third, I believe that my own personal wisdom gained having experienced new motherhood with my three beautiful daughters, and also having studied infant development allows me to support you on your new journey.

I believe that this is exactly what every expecting family needs to know!

 Throughout this unique antenatal workshop you will leave feeling better connected as expectant parents and empowered with relevant, practical tools and information as well as much needed insight into bringing your new baby home.  

You will begin your new parenting journey with much ease and grace.

I will teach you invaluable skills that you as new parents will be building upon the moment your new baby is born.

I want you to know though, you are not alone on this journey.

What parents need is holistic and supportive education shared in a non-judgmental way.  Parents with a new infant need to feel confident in their parenting journey and know that the conscious and connected parenting tools that they are given are research and evidence-based, in the ‘Beyond Birth’ workshop you will be provided with ALL of this, as well as a supportive, safe space for you to come and learn uniquely developed tools for you and your family as you journey into a gentle and conscious parenting lifestyle with a like-minded community!

The ‘Beyond Birth’ workshop is


A safe space where you will be given tools and up to date research-based education and learnings on your fourth trimester. 


Feeling better prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for your conscious parenting journey into your postpartum.


Where parents will gain vital knowledge and confidence in their new parenting journey, with guidance on their new babies, need for attachment and their unique personal temperament.


A space where you will feel supported and guided as we deep dive into couple care, self-care and connection so that you leave feeling on the same page despite the sleepless nights!


Where you will feel guided into self-care practises that are practical, you will feel supported and educated on hormonal changes that are inevitable, and you will find yourself thriving not just surviving!


About finding like-minded community and connection. You will complete the Beyond Birth workshop feeling educated, aware, connected to each other and community and you will leave with a deep sense of empowerment even amongst the new born haze!

What’s included

The Beyond Birth workshop outline


The ‘Beyond Birth’ workshop is a five-hour immersion, supporting you in developing the confidence needed for your unique period beyond birth and well into your fourth trimester.


This workshop will provide you with both the education and tools that are invaluable once your new baby arrives.


You will have developed a sense of empowerment as parents and also as a couple.


You will receive:

  • A hard copy of the ‘Infant care & connection’ workbook.
  • Printed handouts correlating to each module discussed.
  • Light refreshments and tea provided.

At the end of this unique workshop, you will have gained many tools to create an optimal environment for your new baby and family to thrive not just feel like you’re ‘surviving!’


The ‘Beyond Birth’ workshop will leave you feeling well equipped and educated, more relaxed and less anxious in the lead up to your new baby’s birth.


These newly learned skills such as breastfeeding, infant massage and gentle sleep and settling, will develop during our time together and leave you with a sense of awareness, empowerment and connection with your newborn baby as soon as they are Earth-side.

The Beyond Birth workshop will strengthen your connection together as parents and cultivate a sense of self amongst the newborn haze!

The ‘Beyond Birth’ Workshop

Throughout our five hour workshop we will cover an array of topics.

 An introduction to conscious and intuitive parenting and Breastfeeding your new baby

  • What is attachment parenting?
  • Connection and communication with your new born.
  • An introduction to Breastfeeding.
  • Quick and simple tips for a beautiful breastfeeding relationship.
  • Breastfeeding PROS/Bottle feeding PROS and why it’s OK to bottle feed your baby if you have given your ALL to your breastfeeding relationship.

Gentle Sleep and Settling, safe baby wearing and bonding with your new baby

  • The principles of safe wrapping and a demonstration.
  • How to gently settle my baby to sleep.
  • New mum overwhelm! Tips to feel more on top of ‘life’ stuff!
  • Why it is OK to co-sleep SAFELY.
  • Baby wearing demonstration and education.
  • How does my partner bond with our baby?

Postpartum care

  • Visitor etiquette once your new baby is Earthside
  • What are the “baby blues?” Post Natal Depression (PND) what is it?
  • Infant massage education with a demonstration.
  • Self-care and care of each other as a couple
  • Daily rituals, What is it? How can I incorporate this into my every day?


This workshop is your opportunity to:

  • Learn how to consciously care for your newborn as well as yourself as a new parent within those crucial early months.
  • Set up successful breastfeeding habits. Why is breastfeeding best for your baby?  Why is breastfeeding best for you as a new mum
  • To learn more about co-sleeping.  The education and knowledge base behind it and why it is more than ok to do it.
  • Learn about safe babywearing, wrapping your baby safely, and gentle sleep routines. I offer my support and will help you to gain confidence in this as well as provide the education and information surrounding it.
  • Learn about practical self-care tools and learn more about your relationship with each other.
  • Honour your unique postpartum and educate and empower yourselves as you embark on the most incredible journey, parenting.

Meet Nikki

I am a mama to three beautiful daughters, I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 12 years with a brief 4-year break to be a full-time mama, I am also a Maternal Child and Family Nurse and have been working with families for the past 5 years.

Having our first daughter more than 11 years ago now and experiencing postnatal depression and depletion ignited a deep passion in me to support families with education on attachment within the postpartum period, I developed a fierce determination to pass on research-based evidence within the fourth trimester and the foundation years of early childhood, this knowledge has been based also upon my own unique experience with our three daughters and passed onto countless beautiful families within the past 5 years!

In saying all of that, I know first-hand the many challenges and also joy that you can, and will feel in any fleeting moment and I can’t wait to share this beautiful journey with you!

What do others have to say?

Michelle Angelides

“If there is ever a course that parents should take, this is the One! As First time parents we were entering the unknown. However, after completing this course we are now knowledgeable and confident in our journey ahead. This course differs from others as it has a very open relaxed approach and most importantly it covers postpartum, an area not often spoken about, but so important. Thank you Nikki for enriching our lives and the future of our children’s lives.”

Carla Versitano

This course is unmissable for parents-to-be who seek to be informed, empowered and excited about their journey into parenthood. Invaluable knowledge and experience are shared with a real focus on the needs of the group as well as covering a host of important topics.

My husband and I looked forward to every class and he felt valued and included in the process which was so important for us. Nikki has a gift for imparting natural wisdom in a completely accessible and open way.

Such a positive experience. I highly recommend this course. We now feel prepared, informed and excited about what’s to come. All our thanks, Nikki.

Elisabeth Watson Johnson

Nikki is the real deal – down to earth, genuine, approachable and so knowledgeable about conscious and connected parenting. She walks the talk but doesn’t pretend to be perfect. I have enjoyed all of our interactions and correspondence, and value her advice.

Moran Liviani

Nikki is so nurturing, informative and just overall lovely. I love the course she has for new families as I feel it’s something that is so needed and so many families will benefit from. Will be recommending her course to everyone.

Jason Tarrant

The best pre-parenting course I think I could have ever done. Absolutely amazing. I have learnt so much from Nikki and feel grateful to have been able to go. Thank you 🙂

David Lau

Great opportunity to step away from the daily grind to invest some time in preparing for parenthood. Helped me mentally process what is about to happen 🙂

Grace Mac

“Nikki is all about empowering parents to trust their instincts, their bodies, and their baby’s cues. To be told that it’s ok (and preferrable) to go with the flow each day, and listen to your heart as a parent is truly refreshing, especially when there are so many books, well-meaning friends and relatives, and websites that want to tell you otherwise. I was fortunate enough to attend one of Nikki’s workshops, and it was a great decision. Now I have learnt that meeting my child’s emotional needs is the absolute best thing I can do as a parent.
Thank you so much for helping to build my confidence as a mother, and also for showing me the little ways that I can nurture my child into an equally confident adult.”

April Kirby

“Being a first-time mum I wanted a relaxed introduction to becoming a parent.  Nikki’s class was warm, inviting and informative.  She made it comfortable for both my husband & myself.  It’s a class that will suit & benefit anyone.  Both my husband and I would definitely recommend attending Nikki’s classes xx  thanks Nikki”

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