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Hello and welcome!

So a little about me and my story that’s brought me to here!

Hi! I’m Nikki, I am a mama to three beautiful daughters our eldest is eleven, then eight and our littlest is five. I am a Registered Nurse and graduated from Southern Cross University in Lismore approximately twelve years ago, I worked  as an Oncology Nurse for eight years, and during that time I birthed two of our three daughters and studied Maternal Child and Family Nursing, upon graduation I found out we were preganant with our third daughter and with my beautiful husbands support, I resigned and concentrated on being a full time mummy of three!

My resignation didnt last long! 

You see, my inspiration behind my Post Graduate Degree was due to having an incredibly difficult time after the birth of our 1st daughter. I had an arduous and long labour which resulted in her being born ‘dead upon arrival,’ the story ended well though and she was a beautiful, perfect little baby post-resuscitation. Unfortunately for me as a new mum, we were sent home only two days later and I was thrown into what I can only describe as, the longest, unsupported, most heartbreaking postpartum I could have ever imagined.

Our eldest slept for very short periods both day and night due to her extreme Oesophageal reflux, this was also undiagnosed for three months so by the time she’d had Nexium and was on thicked milk I was already a mother who had very quickly spiralled into postpartum depression, depletion and anxiety.  This was not diagnosed until well over twelve months postpartum.

Throughout that time in my life and my desperation for sleep I had a heartbreaking time at the child and family clinics and sleep centres, I would definitely describe my experience of listening to my then twelve-week old baby screaming hysterically to the point where not only had she lost her voice but had also vomited SO much they’d needed to change her sheets several times, as traumatic.

Thankfully with our beautiful second daughters birth, I was far more eloquent with what I wanted and had incredible Midwifery support, her birth was nothing short of healing for me, as was my postpartum period.

My experience with our first daughter though haunted me, I wanted to support new mothers in their postpartum with nourishment and love, supportive and practical tools and I certainly didn’t want them to experience ANY shame in decisions that they were making.  This drew me to my studies as a Maternal Child and Family Nurse, I desperately wanted to internally ‘change a system’ that from my experience is broken, I didn’t want any other mother to go through what I had.

I worked out fairly quickly during my long and intense placement though that that was a far off dream….

So, after we birthed our third daughter and being underweight like our first, every time I visited the health care clinic I was criticised for feeding her ‘too much,’ pushed into introducing a bottle at less than five months old, and shame held my hand as I walked out the door.

I went through the intense self-doubt, anger questioning my decisions to co-sleep and breastfeed, my confidence was flailing and hey, I’m a Qualified Child and Family Nurse, I shouldn’t feel like this…. I should know better.

And I did.

I stopped going.  I learnt to trust myself and my baby (third time’s a charm right!).  I fed her when she was hungry, when she needed comfort or was thirsty, I fed her to sleep and we continued to sleep near her every night. We were happy and I was inspired!

This brought me to here, to Earthway Parenting. I wanted to create a community of like-minded people, those that consciously parented and chose to connect with their babies, and leaned away from the societal norms and leaned into attachment.

So I started an Instagram page, I researched and wrote, this, in turn, developing into a workbook that I then used to begin facilitating workshops based on the postpartum period, The Beyond Birth Workshop, because I truly felt and still do, that there is nowhere near the support that’s needed when you bring your new baby home, I needed practical tools, breastfeeding education and emotional support as a new mum so that’s what I’ve developed for you!

After developing that workshop and running a few on the Gold Coast and in the Northern Rivers area, I then began to write what would become. The Tuning into your Toddler workshop.

The inspiration behind this was actually my then 3-year-old middle daughter.  She was hypersensitive, sensitive to loud noises and crowds, with zero sense of personal space for others, incredibly tactile, everything that was said was taken literally with no room for exaggeration and she would be VERY hard no matter what I did, to help through when she was having a meltdown.

I needed help and support and so I researched and deep dove into it all, what worked for us for a calmer home life taken from my personal and professional experience, I developed a workshop with practical tools based on connection NOT punishment, understanding brain development and parenting styles, temperament and self-care, as well as ALL of the support I needed and couldn’t find, this I’ve developed for YOU!

This experience of ‘becoming’ mum, has led me to here, Earthway Parenting.

I look forward to supporting you and your family on your unique parenting journey!

“Nikki Smith is one of my favourite peaceful parenting resources. She offers prenatal workshops to help you off on the right track and parenting classes to support you on the journey.” 

LR Knost

Little Hearts and Resources

“I feel far more peaceful and confident in my choices. More importantly, Nikki gave me the tools and strategies to sit down with my husband and get on the same page when it comes to our parenting decisions (love the red, orange, green categories!).”

Amy Molloy

Hay House Author, Editor and Journalist

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